It was a sunny Saturday morning on February 14th, 2015. I was sharing a room with one of my younger sisters at the time and I could hear her already up and moving around as my eyes first opened. This wasn’t the norm and it took me a few moments to wonder why she was awake before me. I sat up and realized something was clearly afoot based on the excited look on her face.
“Look out the window!” she told me with a breathy giggle.
Scooting to the far edge of the bed, I groggily leaned up against the wooden window sill and peered out onto the front porch of my family’s cabin. There seemed nothing out of the ordinary as I first looked out across the yard and up and down the walkway. Then I caught sight of the mini chalkboards laying on the porch floor below the window:
This sight brought me fully awake with a jolt! I whirled around and asked my sister, should I change out of my pajamas before dashing out the door? At her suggestion, I threw on a flannel shirt and jeans and ran barefooted out the front of the house. In bread-crumb fashion, sweet little messages led me around the house to the back porch where I bounded up the steps three stairs at a time. The door opened to reveal Mr. Sean Fisher in all his tall, dark and handsome glory, standing there in the kitchen of my house with a vibrant bouquet of flowers. I was both stunned and exuberantly overwhelmed with happiness. I bear hugged his neck to prove it. Someone got a stealthy picture…
And that’s how our relationship began. When he showed up that sunny morning, we had only known each other a month. Needless to say, I wrote A LOT of songs, poems and journal entries over the following weeks. 😉 Much tougher times would follow later in 2015 & 2016. We refer to them now as “the Dark Ages” and although they were agony at the time, our story was forged through those hard chapters and we became all the more resilient because of them.
I look at the other pictures from that day and think to the girl cutting out paper valentines “You have no idea what’s coming”but also “You’ll make it through and it’s all worth it.” And probably for good measure,”Just follow your heart.”
Because here we are now, four years later, married and chasing our dreams together every day. And it’s a new, bright and sunny morning. (We even made waffles with our brand new waffle iron for breakfast yesterday, a early Valentine’s gift. DELICIOUS.) I do LOVE love and pretty much always have – all the types and all the natural parts in their time. So, I’m thankful for the butterfly-filled, wondering beginnings and the angsty, dramatic spells. I certainly have put plenty of those emotions and feelings into lyrics over the years. But putting this happily-healthy, waffle-making, dream-sharing love into words and music is a new thing for me. It’s less angsty but no less vulnerable and ten times as emotional. My latest youtube video shares my song “Hopelessly, Madly” which marks a new chapter of love songs for me – the married love songs. I cried more in the writing of that song than all my other creative efforts put together!!! But they are tears of gratitude for the deep goodness I get to experience every day. Being honest about how much it all means to me, and how it makes me feel, also shows both how much I have to lose and how much I have to fight for. It’s our four year anniversary love song. It’s, of course, specifically for Sean, but it’s also for anyone else who is celebrating that type of love. Or looking for it. Or remembering it. Happy Valentine’s Day from us to you. XOXO
– Jessica Fisher (and Mr. Bootstraps)


  • Isabelle Whorton says:

    This is sooo sweet!!!! I hope it works out for Jessica!!!! You deserve some happiness!!

  • Melissa ( Mel ) Thompson says:

    Y’all are adorable and beautiful together. I’m so glad y’all found each other. May God grant y’all many many beautifully, and wonderful years together. Much love as always, Mel ☺️❤️🙏🏼

  • Kelly Demereck says:

    You are an amazing remarkable young woman. I too have suffered and (now 6 years) married to my best friend who every day helps me heal from my long years of pain and angst. The key is helping my heal as no one has ever helped me before. I love this blessing for you and look forward to new and wonderful things for you all! Do you think you, your mom and all your siblings will have a new show, I would love to see you all and have missed you all greatly.

  • Tama Marks says:

    Absolutely love your voice. The songs are beautiful. I particularly love My History. It spoke to me, too. Thank you for that and all the other ones. Thank you for your bravery and your truth. Your songs and your families will help bring healing. God bless you in the years ahead with Mr. Bootstraps. May you grow in grace. Hugs.
    ps. i saw you years ago in Painesville, Ohio at the Celtic Festival when your Family was just getting really popular! We loved you all and bought all your albums from your Mom at the table and followed you all for the next couple years! We loved seeing you all on America’s Got Talent and voted for your family each week! We watched your Reality show amazed at all of your talents! We are so glad you are performing and writing! What a gift you have. We appreciate you sharing it with us all!

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