Whelp.  Go back one blog post and you’ll see the incredible difference ten days and a whole bunch of amazing, beautiful, supportive, enthusiastic people can make.  Two weeks ago, I launched my very first Kickstarter campaign to fund my first solo album and begin the next chapter of my musical career and I was VERY nervous and VERY excited. I wanted to believe it would be successful and that the decision to go this direction would be a good one. Little did I know what was about to happen.

Here’s a few highlights of what went down lighting fast:

• Over 10K raised on the first day (Launch – June 28th)

• Over 15K raised by the third day

• Over 18K by June 1st

MET THE CAMPAIGN GOAL on June 6th around 8pm while streaming live!!!

Umm…now what!? Cry, scream while doing a little dance and run around the house with happiness? Totally did all that. That was Thursday night. Then, over the weekend, I put on my thinking cap for a while to figure out where to go from here and how to handle the rest of the campaign which is locked in to continue until the 21st. Definitely the best kind of problem! 😉

So, I have my budget for my album. And yet there are people that have contacted me and intend to donate further. As of this morning, the current count is just over 33,000 from 365 backers. I really wanted to find something MORE I can offer all of you 365 wonderful humans and anyone else wanting to get on board. And I wanted to decide what any further funding could go towards…after all, an album is only one step and much will follow as I have already outlined in the original campaign: releasing singles, making music videos, hiring strategic PR, etc.

I found that perfect “something more” for all my current and future backers and I know what to do with the second half of the campaign now.

As of this morning, everyone who has contributed to my Kickstarter (no matter the pledge amount) is invited to my new Facebook group for Backers Only!!! Backers (you know who you are) can request to join and I will add you in or I will be taking time to track everyone down after the campaign closes on the 21st. I hope you will want to participate and be a part of this exclusive group. What can you expect? I will be using this tool as an easy and immediate way to share regular updates and candid content and I will be hosting monthly (sometimes bi-weekly) members-only streaming events: part concert, part behind-the-scenes project sneak peeks, and part Q&A/hang out. It will be a while before there are signed CDs and other physical rewards to send out to everyone, but I’m looking forward to sharing the process with you special folks who are invested in seeing this project come to fruition. (Sidenote: there is still a pledge package that includes even more behind-the-scenes items including a limited edition scrapbook that will document the entire album-making journey, etc.)

ALSO – I’ve had SO much fun filling up the Backer’s Board with all your names and since we are so close to running out of room, I made a little “Encore” board with room for more! See my social accounts for pics and continued name updates throughout the rest of the campaign…

If you haven’t pledged or become a backer yet, but want to be in the club, click here to go to the updated Kickstarter page:


***(If you are already a Backer and want to get into the official group, search for Jessica Willis Fisher: Backer’s Club on Facebook!)***

What I’m most excited about using continued donations for is this: traveling for promotional appearances and performances out on the road.  At the beginning of a new venture or a new chapter, there is a strong need to get out and let people know what you’re doing, earn new grassroots fans, educate people about your story, your sound and everything you’re doing now. This is where I can incur some serious bills – a promotional tour can cost just as much as making an album!! I’m hoping it won’t be too too hard to return to (a healthy version of) touring and doing my own concerts. After some promotion (spreading the word!!!) and investing some milage, I would transition to booking regular gigs and then we’re living the dream making it out on the road and seeing you guys in person on the regular!!!

I hope that all makes sense and if you have any further questions about the Backer’s Club or the rest of the campaign, please email me or DM on social media. I’m once again excited and nervous but ready to do the second half of this thing!!

– Jessica Willis Fisher 6.10.19.


  • Helen Munter says:

    Love and respect for you sweet young lady. You are awesome, I believe you will go all the way to the top.

  • Gary E Broling says:


  • Jip Borm says:

    Dear Jessica Willis Fischer,

    Good job on launching your kickstarter campaign! Looking forward to your future music and writing projects. Sorry if this is a “Frequently Asked Question” but do you know if it is possible to donate from Europe in another way (if you don’t have Visa or any of the cards kickstarter excepts) ? Thank you in advance.

    Best wishes,

  • Kim Rogers says:

    This is truly exciting! If only I could sing hahaha but I will enjoy the experience vicariously through you! Keep it up…youre truly inspiring and and a true testament to resilience and determination! And as always I must say…please come to Canada! Specifically Greenbridge Celtic Folk Fest…who I know you know…the Leahy Family and Natalie McMaster are the organizers. I will be front row center if you go there…but in the meantime In a very excited backer! You Go Girl!!!!

  • Tony Krause says:

    Best Wishes to you and I know you will succeed in what ever you do, Congratulations on your exciting journey. God be with you, Take care and hope to hear from you shortly!

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