Hey there. 🙂

Is it hot where you are? Because it’s BLISTERING here in Nashville now! I may or may not be writing this near a pool for survival’s sake… 😉

This is a summer-time check in, a little online-visit and catch up on all the things happening in my life lately!

The Kickstarter ended about 15 days ago and I’ve been sparse with my Instagram and Facebook posts to give everyone (INCLUDING ME) a break from my constant stream of updates and info about the campaign. Speaking of… Dang. Every time I think about the whole process, it blows my mind. Like: “did you see what just happened?!”  I’ve kept the Backer’s Boards up in the office so that I can be reminded of the reality and stay focused on following through with this crazy, exciting plan. I’m flooded with gratitude every time I see them. <3

This subsequent step has ended up being a lot of organizing and crunching numbers. It’s weird how much a positive event (like going waaaay over your goal) makes for a lot of recalculating and replanning. I’ve also been able to flesh out a couple musical ideas that came during the commotion of the Kickstarter. I was unable to give them my creative attention then so it’s felt good to make space for what has always been my favorite part of this dream from the beginning.

Collaboration is the next thing looming on the horizon. I’m in the process of reaching out to strategic individuals so I can find the right team to bring this project into the world. The funds raised have allowed me to dream even bigger than I first thought I would be able. So, it feels a little bit like a waiting game some days, being nervous about who will be willing to take on the challenge and get on the wagon with me. But in reality, the meantime is filled with the myriad of things I CAN accomplish, and getting everything as prepared as possible before actually getting into the studio later this year.

A more difficult result of the super-successful-Kickstarter has been navigating the Backer’s Clubs. When we met the goal so quickly and people were continuing to donate,  I got really excited and wanted to offer something above and beyond what I had committed to before. The idea is still super fun to me and I’m looking forward to everything I’ll be able to share with the people who literally invested in this project. However, I’m learning the limitations of using Facebook and Instagram to do so  I underestimated the number of non-Backers that were going to try and get into these private groups. I thought it would be easy enough to verify everyone’s identities but that has proved to be difficult in some circumstances. (PSA: CHECK YOUR MESSAGES. Especially on Facebook…I’ve reached out to a couple hundred of you to verify your identity and haven’t heard back.) I don’t know if we’ll ever get up to the full Backer count; I’m sure some people aren’t on social media, BUT I will always be trying to get any genuine Backer in if they want to join at any point. I’m sorry for not thinking that though more fully…but we shall commence Backer’s Club updates soon!

How has your Fourth of July weekend been? We ate some really, really Hot Nashville Chicken (In one case, SO painfully hot that Sean couldn’t finish his!!!) had a little sprinkling of rain, watched some Netflix and then worried about our windows being shattered by the neighbors’ parking lot fireworks…they weren’t kidding around!! Yeesh! Got to celebrate a good friend’s birthday, see some family and I’ve definitely soaked up some sun lately too. Feels good! <3

I’m gonna wrap it up here soon but I want to share one more exciting piece of news in case you haven’t caught it yet… I am officially booked to play at the Appaloosa Music Festival in Virginia on September 1st, 2019!!! I’m not sure how many gigs I’ll be able to accept for this year while I’m working on the album, but please check out this event and see if you can come join in the fun!

Click here for their website:


Thanks for taking a little break to catch up and check in! Till next time,

Love, Jess x


  • Melissa Thompson says:

    Hey Jess so glad to hear from you and thanks for the update. This is so exciting to be part of this amazing journey with you. Sounds like you’ve been able to relax some which I’m sure you needed. It was a relaxing 4th for me as well I was able to do a couple of paintings with my best friend which is always so much fun. Looking forward to your next update. Much love as always, Mel 😊❤️🙏🏻

  • Courtney Bailey says:

    You are definitely busy! Thank you for keeping us updated when you can. Take care!

  • Gary E. Broling says:

    Congratulations on your KickStarter success Well deserved. Just try to make the album process “fun” and not stressful! You have plenty of time to get to the end of the process. Please love every minute of it.

  • Nicole Bouchard says:

    Michigan has been insane for heat lately, so your not alone! I am happy you met and excceded your kickstarter goal! Congratulations!

  • Jayme Lisell says:

    Awesome to hear how things are going! This 4th I was able to see one of my best friends for a get together and spend the night at her place just hanging out. We hardly ever get to see each other since she lives far away from me, so it was a great time! We watched Netflix too (which I don’t have) and she got me addicted to Stranger Things! What do you like to watch on Netflix?

  • john bader says:

    Hey Jess: Thanks for the update and that you are taking a breather before things get rolling. I am glad that you are considering being part of the national TV show “Songs at the Center” that will start taping its 7th season next year in Columbus, Ohio. I may be in the Nashville area over Thanksgiving weekend an could be available if you would like to discuss the show or had questions. You can reach me by Email below. Enjoy the rest of the summer. John

  • Susie Cox says:

    Hi Jess! Happy to hear from you as always!! So excited to hear all your plans for the album process! We have had a busy and wonderful week as well! My hubby retired last Wednesday with a wonderful retirement party that evening! He has been able to work with our oldest daughter for the last 8 years so that was great too! We visited with family on the 4th with fun, food, games and swimming!! We also celebrated his 65th birthday over the weekend!! So today we did some rearranging in the house (I love doing that) and are ready for supper and a quiet restful evening! Keep in touch and stay cool, it’s been hot here in Indiana as well! Have a great evening…..

  • Phil Caudle says:

    I’m excited to see what come next Jess. The walls are down, and you can take flight as high and as far as you want.

  • Sarah Snider says:

    Godspeed and blessings on your album project and all of your work! Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated…I look forward to continuing to follow your incredible journey!

  • Clare Lacey says:

    Hi Jess, Glad to hear to are taking time to relax and catch your breath. I live in Australia and we are in the middle of winter, so I enjoy any rays of sunshine that peep through the winter clouds.
    So pleased to be part of your ‘support team’ via the Backers Club and was excited to see my name in the board. (2 Clare Laceys close to each other on the board, quite a funny coincidence!)
    Take care, Clare Lacey 😎🇦🇺🎼

  • Lara Randall says:

    Congratulations Jessica on the very successful Kickstarter campaign. I never doubted for a second that you would meet your goal but I was so excited to see how far you passed the original goal. Way to go girl! Most people would have just let the donations continue to flow in and not add an additional level of commitment to the fans that helped make the album possible. This my friend is why you were so successful. Your heart and soul that you poor into your music, your performances and into your fans is what takes you up to the next level. Take some time to take it in and breathe a little your gonna want to remember this first solo album forever. Thanks for the update and I look forward to following along as you make this dream a reality.

  • Julie says:

    😎=your future. You know my thoughts…so enjoy this surreal ride! (John Adams….great title! Thanks again for the reminder!)

  • Erin *Backer* says:

    Always love an update on my favorite fiddle player! Seriously, you’re awesome, as a musician and a person .. keep it up!

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